About Us

2012 is going to be a very exciting wedding planning season as we enter the year of the dragon and Anovia Bridal is proud to present you with amazing wedding packages which will bring your dream wedding to life.

Established since 2011, Anovia Bridal is spacious, yet intimate, full service bridal studio and gallery with a heritage mansion overlooking a serene setting garden filled with feminine statues and angel sculptures.

When thinking about a beautiful wedding chapel to get married at, our inspiring chapel-like building will certainly be a place for you to pledge your love to your significant other in an elegant and intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by beautiful garden settings.

Anovia Bridal shines the spotlight on our 
luxurious designer wedding gown designed for the bride who desires a dress as unique as she is. We pair up the bride and our exclusive designer gown to create something more than just a dress, it is the perfect moment, captured.

Weddings are all about gorgeous photos and we are committed in capturing those wonderful moments for couples who values a keepsake that will remain long after their wedding day. Our pictures evoke the love, passion, romance and beauty of the couple. Capturing the myriad colors of the dusk, and truly experiencing its diversity is the essence behind the many pre-wedding photography session we have in Anovia Bridal.

Anovia Bridal is committed to fulfilling dreams of beauty, love and romance for each and every bride and special occasion customer. At Anovia Bridal, you can be sure you will receive professional and expert advice from our bridal consultants in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A truly personalized way to make your wedding oh so very special.

You are welcome to visit us and we are happy to share your excitement during the whirlwind and anticipation of your upcoming nuptials.
Anovia Bridal wish you love and happiness, now and forever.

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