Makeup Artist


| Gender : Female

| Position : Makeup Artist

| Professional/Character : Adventurous, Patient, Easy-go

| Customers/Joined Projects :

1) The Wanderers Association Malaysia in 25th Anniversary Concert

2) Tar college x Generous Sponsor of Orientation Odyssey Night

3) Amy Cunningham x Curvy Bride's



Self-Introduction :

I'm Berry, I be in the makeup industry upto 7 years. Being a makeup artist must be patient enough, especially our customer is being a bride. I have to designed the hairstyle & makeup to match the bride according to the wedding gown style. As a professional makeup artist, my main duties is to ensure every brides satisfied with their makeup & hairdo no matter during their ROM, Pre-Wedding photoshoot or even Wedding actual day. My greatest conform is seeing all prettiest brides feel happier & satisfied with their overlook.


In this industry, I feel proud to have the chances to serve every single bride during the most important day in their life. I appreciate Anovia stage giving me this opportunity as well. Thank you our previous customer for your trust & confidence to our services.

Awards & Recognitions