Colonial Penang Museum is located in Penang, Malaysia. The museum's collection includes the Baba-Nyonya culture & British art collection as well as many intricate stone & wood carvings during colonial period. The enviroment is elegant and full of cultural history. The ancient Roman columns were designed and assembled by 20 columns and each column has a history of nearly a hundred years. According to ancient times, the more columns you have, the richer you're. It's absolutely meaningful to have your ROM ceremony over here. 


槟城 | 在优雅高贵的Colonial 与爱的另一伴携手结婚  |

Colonial Penang Museum位于马来西亚槟城,博物馆内的收藏包括槟城殖民时期的,娘惹文化的及英国艺术品收藏等等,还有很多巧夺天工的石雕和木雕;环境优雅,充满了文化历史感。古罗马圆柱是由20根由外国运送到马来西亚进行组装再设计而成,且每一根圆柱的历史近百年,古时代相传拥有的柱子越多,代表越富有。在这里拍摄与进行婚礼注册,绝对富有意义。


Wedding Chapel Engagement Ceremony
Colonial Museum Usage (2 hours only)
Colonial Mesuem Decoration
Coordinate Assistant
Blessing ceremony with roses petals
Marriage Cetificate
Welcoming Sign
Wedding Band Holder


Wedding Chapel Photography Package
Bridal gown rental
Groom suit rental
Hand bouquet & Corsage
Photo Book 12”x24’ with 10pages 40 poses
Soft copy 80 poses (40 identical to photo album)
Professional Photographer (4 hours)
Refreshment (30Pax)
Welcoming drinks
Sparkling Juice during toasting ceremony

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Terms of Service

1. This package is only available for one time use.
2. This package is only entitled for the customer as written in the package.
3. The package deposit is not refundable. The package is not transferable to other person.
4. This package is only valid for 1 year upon signing of package.
5. Please make appointment for Photo Shooting Date FOUR (4) months in advance.
6. Please give TWO (2) months notice in advance for cancellation of appointment to avoid a violation fee of MYR 300.
7. This package is only for day time shooting. Extra charges is required for night scene
8. This package does not comes with Anovia Designer Gown(s) and Anovia Exclusive Gown(s).
9. Unveils The International Bridal Designer Selection Gowns MYR 3000 Cash Security Deposit is Required For Actual Day.
10. MYR 1500 Cash Security Deposit is required for Actual Day Gown.
11. Actual Day Gown Rental Duration lasts for FOUR days.
12. Security Deposit will only be returned to customer once customer return gown(s) in good condition.
13. All Package does not include:
Hair Accessories
Body lotion
Soft copy as stated in the package will be returned to customers in JPG format.
14. Charges for additional soft copy without touch up is MYR 70/pose, soft copy with touch up MYR 78/pc, print out in album MYR 156/pose.
15. No visitation from outsiders are allowed during photo shooting.
16. Requirement of deposit of each package is 80% , All remaining payment must be cleared on photo shooting's gown trying day.
17. All photo have to be chosen in Anovia Bridal only.
18. Outdoor location is limit to places within Penang Island only.
19. For outdoor photo shooting, entrance fee and parking fee for customers and crews will be borne by customers.
20. Gown(s) chosen/confirmed is/are not changeable. Any changes of the gown(s) will be charged at MYR 300/pc.
21. For Oversea Package, all flight/cruise tickets, accomodation, on-ground transport, entrance fee, insurance and meals for crews shall be borne by customers.
22. Anovia Bridal reserves the rights to photos captured from all packages and may use as Anovia Bridal's discretion for commercial use if necessary.
23. Re-schedule of photo shooting session will take place as compensation in the event that the customer's soft copies were damaged due to computer failure.v 24. If there is any confusion, this agreement will be referred. Anovia Bridal reserves the final decision rights.
25. Employee/Agent of Anovia Bridal has explained the contents, terms & conditions. Customer have read, understand and agreed to the above terms and conditions and confirm having received one (1) copy of the abovementioned.

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